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Tequila Express Sauza Distillery is a 8 hours of fun tour.  We began our experience at 9:30 am with your transfer from your hotel or private adress to the departure hub, guests are greeted with coffee and live mariachi music. Once registered you have been assigned a wirstband with your coach, enjoy a Mexican Coffee before you board the bus at 10:30 am to start our adventure. During the 1 hour drive following the Tequila Trail, appetisers and drinks (open bar) is offered and live mariachi music in the background.  A guide explains in English the history of Hacienda Tequila Sauza.

Onboard the bus tourist will have the service of the waiters and hosts to make the railroad trip more enjoyable. It is important to mention that we have private security, paramedics, Red Cross and the special attention by the coordinators.

Onboard the bus we follow the Tequila Trail to Tequila town in the begining of the Sierra Madre.  Your Bus travels across the agave farms to see the tequila fields production area, through vapor furnaces at the cores of cooked agave. Explore the old distillery was built in the 19th century, we see stills of the time and visit the museum to see a film showing the daily work in which the Treasury, including the use of agave.
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Tequila Express Sauza Distillery by Bus

Our Transportation picks up in Guadalajara- Metropolitan area.
Tickets to Tequila Express Bus Experience and destillery tour
Open bar, Traditional Mexican Appetizers
Charreria (rodeo) demonstration
Live Mariachi shows on board the bus and folkloric performances
Departs Only Saturdays
Hours From 10:00 a.m.  - 6:00 p.m.
Where do we depart from? We pick up at hotels, Private Address or Point you designate - Previous reservation a must
Where do we drop you off? We drop off at Hotel Camino Real in Guadalajara
Tequila Express Sauza Distillery Tour by bus is a Joined the Mexican fiesta! Experience organized by Guadalajara Chaimber of Commerce and Sauza Distillery.  The culture of tequila at the Best Kept Hacienda of the Industry. La Perseverancia Tequila Distillery is located in Tequila City.

A great collage of Jalisco Traditions to witness Tequila on the making learning step by step the Tequila beverage production. From steam ovens are to the final product.   Appreciate the Old distillers with a visit the museum. Mariachi music, folk dancing, and Mexican cowboy shows will make your day in Tequila more enjoyable. 
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Tequila Express Sauza Distillery

Tequila Express
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09:30 am Your Transportation will pick you up from your Hotel or private adress in Guadalajara.
09:45 am Reception, Check in at Chamber of Commerce in  Guadalajara.
10:15 am Live Mariachi while a wrist band in awarded with seat number.
10:45 am Board your Bus for departure to Tequila Sauza. 
11:45 am Arrival to Tequila Jalisco to buss you to Old Distillery La Perseverancia.
12:00 am Tequila distillery tour to discover how the Tequila Sauza spirits  is obtained.
02:00 pm Traditional Mexican Food for Lunch as you enjoy a live folkloric performance.
03:30 pm Meet in the Hacienda Garden for a Folkloric Performance and Tequila Tasting led by a professional taster
05:00 pm Board Your Bus to return to Guadalajara as you enjoy more margaritas
06:00 pm Arrival to Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce.  Your transport awaits.
06:10 pm Guests are droped off at Camino Real Hotel. 
  End of our services.
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